Security Alerts

DEBIT CARD PHISHING SCAM ALERT:  We have been notified that some members have received text notifications that their debit card has been deactivated and what steps are necessary to reactivate it.  PLEASE NOTE:  THIS IS NOT A MESSAGE COMING FROM TWIN RIVERS FCU AND IS A SCAM! Do not respond to the message via text or call the number provided.  As a reminder, Twin Rivers will never call your home phone, cell phone, send a text or email you to confirm or retrieve your personal information. DO NOT fall victim to the scam…always hang up or delete!

NOTICE:  We have recently been made aware of a Smishing scam that is circulating and may affect our members.  Members are receiving text messages from or The text message states “Your Attention Is Required” or “Verification is Needed”, and to call either 302 223 4547 or 302 223 4553. Upon calling the number(s), a computerized voice answers and requests a debit or credit card number and other information to activate a card.  These texts are fraudulent.  Do NOT give out any personal information.   If you have any questions, please contact the credit union at (315) 764-0240.

DANGER….PHISHING ZONE!!   Phishing is an illegal activity intended to trick people into divulging sensitive information, such as personal, banking and credit card account information and is known as a  common method of online identity theft and virus spreading.  It is normally initiated through emails, texts or phone calls.  Twin Rivers Federal Credit Union will NEVER request personal information via email or phone.

- Fake (also called spoof) emails and websites try to look like they’re from well known companies.  The people who send fake emails hope that you’ll reply or click on a link in the email and provide personal information like passwords, social security numbers, or credit card numbers.

- If you’re suspicious about an email that claims to be from Twin Rivers Federal Credit Union contact the Credit Union at (315) 764-0240 BEFORE clicking on any links or providing any personal information.

- To report a fake (spoof) email, forward it to and put possible fake (spoof) email in the subject line of the email.

- NEVER click the links in a fake email or reply to it.  If you think you might have given out personal information, find out what you should do right now to protect yourself by calling (315) 764-0240 x 10.

- REMEMBER…..Twin Rivers Federal Credit Union will NEVER request personal information from you via email, text or phone.

The Credit Union has been notified that counterfeit “Cashiers Checks” with our logo have been mailed to several people from “Shopper’s Voice Marketing Sweepstakes Division” – a scam company. If you receive one in the mail, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CASH IT, but notify the Credit Union.